Every person coming to Israel will be required to go into mandatory 14 days quarantine if they have a reliable approved location and not in hotels, most will be returned back to their respective countries.     We will not accept new applications for the time being.
Clergy visa

This visa is granted to clergymen for the purpose of fulfilling their clerical duties among their religious communities in Israel, pursuant to the invitation of a recognized religious institution in Israel. A clergyman who goes to Israel for a visit and requires an entry visa will receive the regular B/2 visa.

Only the Ministry of the Interior has the authority to grant an A/3 visa. The application should be submitted in Israel by the religious institution that is inviting the clergyman. The mission will only issue the visa with the prior approval of the Ministry of the Interior. The validity of the visa will be in accordance with Ministry of Interior guidelines, with the option of renewal only in Israel.

If the visa is approved by the Ministry of the Interior, the visa will be issued by the mission upon provision of the following:

  1. Copy of Approval by the Ministry of the Interior
  2. A valid passport – the passport must be valid for the entire period of stay and another six months beyond that time, and at least 6 blank visa pages
  3. Two pictures 5 x 5 cm, on white background, high quality
  4. Completed and signed application for a visa to enter Israel. Click here to download Visa form.
  5. Click here to download Declaration form Covid19.
  6. Travel and medical insurance for the entire period
  7. Flight itinerary
  8. VISA application fee (usually no need of payment when approved by Ministry of interior) of 4700 KES - 47 USD
  9. Payment of the visa fee of 4700 KES - 47 USD + Service charge of $26 or KES 2440 (inclusive of VAT). Mode of payment is either cash (KES/USD) or Mpesa Paybill number: 516833.

No documents or Photos should be STAPLED or GLUED.

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